Taurus g3c not feeding hollow points

Fiocchi Dynamic Defense 124-Grain JHP is the best overall cartridge for the Taurus G3c. Fiocchi manufactures high-quality ammunition, and the jacketed hollow points are versatile enough for the range and personal defense, which adds a little more value to every box. Fiocchi is one of my go-to manufacturers because it checks all the boxes..

Feb 18, 2024 · Hollow point ammunition is the most commonly recommended type of ammo for self-defense, as it is designed to expand upon impact and cause maximum damage to the target while minimizing the risk of over-penetration. Some examples of popular hollow point ammo for the Taurus G3C include Hornady Critical Defense, Federal HST, and Speer Gold Dot.57 posts · Joined 2023. #10 · Mar 23, 2023. be sure gun is empty, place empty magazine in position to lock the slide, look for something else to be contacting the stop lever, Many times a bit of brass or powder residue, can keep the slide stop travel limited, one of my semi autos magazines has the follower not quite setting at the top of the ...you do engage the safety, it needs to be all the way in the Safe position, not half way or at some other point in its travel. Do not play with the manual safety and you will avoid accidents. 4. Trigger Safety. The trigger safety's purpose is to prevent the trigger mechanism from being actuated in the event the firearm was

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1911 rock island 9mm not feeding hollowpoints. Well the title pretty much says it all. I've fed roughly 150 rounds through my 1911 and it won't feed a federal hydroshok or a winchestor pdx1 hollow point. I bought it new towards the end of 2011 so form what my gun experts tell me it probably has a polished feed ramp. Is it the mag, or the bullets.Oct 28, 2020. #46. tterry242448 said: I just got my G3c and haven't shot it yet, but having the same jamming issues using SIG V-Crown 124 gr. Have no issues with my FMJ rounds feeding thru. Store employee told me when I picked it up, that they come real dry and oil it real good (which i did). Its my only 9mm so don't have any other carry ammo yet.I ran across this forum as I researched the issue I have had with my new G3C. I have only shot FMJ at this point - about 350 rounds. I have had some FTF's with the cartridge jamming against the bottom of the barrel feed ramp. It only happens with the cartridges that have a somewhat flat nose (Blaser 147gr, Speer).

How do you keep your gun in the car and what are the laws abotu it (esp. in Oregon/Multnomah Co), The safe is this one: Amazon.com. Dont know the specific laws in OR for it but your car is not a holster. Keep it on body. The number 1 place for a gun to be stolen from is vehicles. Most of the quick access car safes can be popped with a screw driver.The extractor. The round may not be getting seated correctly under the extractor while the slide is moving forward causing the round to nose dive into the bottom of the feed ramp. Kind of thinking that this is the problem. Take your slide off and try and slide the round under the extractor and check its tension.Having encountered various challenges with my Taurus G3C over time, one issue that sometimes arises involves feeding hollow point bullets. This problem, especially prevalent with certain nickel alloy casings, can hinder the smooth transition of bullets into the chamber, causing feeding challenges.I bought 2 magazines for my Taurus G2C and when I use hollow points, they will not feed the rounds into the chamber. The rounds get caught up and won't chamber. My solution to this problem was to use full metal jacketed rounds for the first five rounds then hallow points for the remaining twelve rounds. This seems to work very well.

Apr 27, 2022 · First not knowing your experience with firearms. Get the weapon cleaned and lubed WELL. Shoot at least 5 or 6 boxes of regular FMJ rounds BEFORE you judge how well it will feed that ammo. Next know from my experience (and a few others here I have noted) the G3C does not really take well to open nosed JHP rounds.The company's stock is down. Facebook announced Thursday it would prioritize posts from family and friends in users’ News Feeds over content from publishers and brands in order to ... ….

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Taurus g3c not feeding hollow points. Possible cause: Not clear taurus g3c not feeding hollow points.

I have a Taurus G2C and a Taurus G3C. The barrels are identical as far as machining goes. I put the G2C barrel in my G3C and cycled several magazines thru the G3C using the HST ammo with no issues whatsoever, so it's something in the machining of the G3C barrel itself, the G2C barrel cycled a whole boat load of 147 grain HST without one ...New GX4 failure to feed. Got the gx4 today. Took it to the range after a quick teardown and cleaning. The first 2 mags almost every other round would not feed all the way into the chamber. 2 more mags it did start getting a little better. By magazines 7 and 8 it only happened 2/3 times per mag. Was frustrated and decided enough for the day.The G3C is supposed to be an improved version of the G2C, and I can attest that the Mec gar 18 rd mags for the Sig 226 work just fine in mine. I used the G2C in some timed shooting contests and you had to have at enough loaded magazines to fire up to 50 rds without one in the chamber. At the time (a few yrs ago) it was easier it was easier and ...

Taurus G2 G2C G3 G3C PT709 PT738 Curve 1911 expand. collapse. 1911 3.25" Defender ... Peace, Love, & Hollow Points Hoodie. The old Latin phrase "Si vis pacem, para bellum" still rings true today -- If you want peace, ...Here is a detailed compilation of the best Taurus G3C holster from the most reputed and leading manufacturers. At a Glance: Our Top Picks for Taurus G3C Holsters. OUR TOP PICK: We The People Holsters Taurus G3C IWB Holster. RUNNER-UP: SERPA CQC HOLSTER. BEST FOR THE MONEY : Alien Gear Holsters ShapeShift.Greetings, I own a G3C and I’ve read that because of the steepness of the feed ramp some hollow point ammo will hang up and not feed smoothly. As I haven’t run any hollow points through my G3C yet I can neither verify or deny these claims. I’m looking for first hand accounts of whether this has been a problem for anyone and what they did ...

10 day chattanooga forecast TAURUS G3C HOLLOW POIN STOCK EASY FIX rina casiello obituaryunion leader obituaries manchester nh Greetings, I own a G3C and I've read that because of the steepness of the feed ramp some hollow point ammo will hang up and not feed smoothly. As I haven't run any hollow points through my G3C yet I can neither verify o…It puts a flat spot at the forward edge of hollow. I have tried DRT the 85 gram HP and the Monarch 124 gram jacketed hollow points. One out of about 10-15 missfeed. I have cleaned and looked at the ramp on the back of the barrel, did not see anything.There is also a ramp in the body below the barrel ramp, it does appear to be contacting the bullet. ardoc inmate Put over 100 rounds thru it so far, no problems. Would not cycle Armscor 115gr fmj,or Hornady American Gunner 9mm ammo. 4 Nice barrel. Posted by Mike Matthews on Mar 30th 2023 You will need to polish the feed ramp for hollow points to feed properly . But it seems to be ok built barrel. I would order one again if I needed to. 5Taurus Product Problems ... New G3C fail trevor ault parentsdcf exam study guidekawasaki fr691v oil drain hose size 3. Clean the feed ramp to ensure it is free of dirt and debris. 4. Replace the recoil spring with a higher quality, stronger one if necessary. By following these steps, you can help resolve feed issues with your Taurus G3C and ensure your firearm is functioning properly and safely. 3. Not Going Into Battery. imes miller funeral home obituaries The Taurus G3c has been tested with popular ammo brands such as Federal Premium, Hornady, and Winchester, using bullet weights ranging from 115-grain up to 147-grain rounds. Full metal jacket (FMJ) rounds demonstrate consistent accuracy during our test runs, while hollow point (HP) rounds expand properly upon impact without any failures … ap calc ab 2012 frqdirty pictures with emojitractor supply barrels Feb 1, 2024 · 2. Failure To Feed. While testing the Taurus G2C with various types of ammunition, I encountered an issue specifically with hollow-point ammunition. The nearly vertical-looking built-in feed ramp in the barrel seemed to cause the first two or three rounds from the magazine to occasionally become stuck between the slide breech face and the feed ...3491 posts · Joined 2015. #16 · Mar 8, 2022. I have an older Taurus PT-111 G2, and a Taurus G2C. If you don't know, the G2C is almost an exact replica of the PT-111 G2. One of the things I noticed when I compared the two, is that the barrel of the G2C isn't as smooth and polished as the PT-111 G2.